Sunday 25 November 2012

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS-Issue #5: Brief Encounters


Ponytail is bending down on one knee and asking you for submissions to our next issue on the theme of Brief Encounters. Brief Encounters can have long lasting reverberations on how we live our lives or they can merely be a passing moment soon forgotten. They can be emotional, social or cultural exchanges, human interactions or encounters with nature, the paranormal. They can be romantic or otherwise. Maybe you just want to write about how they should have just had sex in the film instead of increasingly fraught cups of tea. Just go for it. 

This New Yorker podcast of Roy Spivey by Miranda July read by David Sedaris is a good point of departure for the theme both as a narrative catalyst and as a narrative constraint.  It's sad and hilarious:

Ponytail happily accepts short stories, humour pieces, personal essays, poetry and comic strips or pieces.
Please send to all submissions (or any questions you might have) to ponytail.zine[at] by
18th January 2013

Good luck!

Wednesday 17 October 2012

Zinewatch Episode #2

Direct from my mum's glamourous dining room, I accidentally featured my own zine. WHOOPS.

Saturday 13 October 2012

Issue #4: The Food Issue. ON SALE NOW

ISSUE #4 'The Food Issue' IS READY!

The Food Issue is a compilation of various talented writers and artists response to the theme of food- in all it's delicious, curious, comforting, sexy forms.
The zine is hand stitched bound with a choice of two different designs of risograph printed covers:  Fluorescent Pink with tan linen stitching or Teal with navy linen binding.
Unbiasedly this is the best issue of any zine EVER.

Buy, Read and Enjoy!


A5, 20 pages b&w
Cover risograph printed in Fluo Pink or Teal- on FSC certified 170GSM Munken Lynx Rough by Hato Press, London.
Hand-bound linen saddle-stitch.

Friday 28 September 2012

ZINEWATCH- "It's a Disgrace Joe, by Fuchsia MacAree

It's a "vlog". This is my face.
Today we look at  the wonderful "It's a Disgrace, Joe" by Fuchsia MacAree. Available to buy here.

Wednesday 29 August 2012


It's holiday time for Ponytail tomorrow- so here is a mixtape as a parting gift.

You can find past Ponytail Mixtapes HERE


making gifs
making gifs

Ponytail is proud to unveil NO-ONE UNDERSTANDS ME an upcoming publication and London exhibition. But we need you like Joey needed Dawson, Pacey needed Joey and (eventually) Joey needed Pacey.
Please send your teenage diary entries (anonymously if you'd rather) to:

Here is some angsty inspiration: get it while it's not so much hot but self-concious and self-absorbed.