Wednesday, 29 August 2012


It's holiday time for Ponytail tomorrow- so here is a mixtape as a parting gift.

You can find past Ponytail Mixtapes HERE


making gifs
making gifs

Ponytail is proud to unveil NO-ONE UNDERSTANDS ME an upcoming publication and London exhibition. But we need you like Joey needed Dawson, Pacey needed Joey and (eventually) Joey needed Pacey.
Please send your teenage diary entries (anonymously if you'd rather) to:

Here is some angsty inspiration: get it while it's not so much hot but self-concious and self-absorbed.


I was recently interview by DUPE about hair, writing, Ponytail, the breakdown of my marriage to Tom Cruise and my escape from scientology- 'enjoy' here

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In the throes of Olympic fever, I have been a negligent editor and blogger to say the least. Although arguably it is my personal support that led to Team GB's stomping victory (you're welcome guys). BUT Issue #4 is on its way AND there's lots of news.

Back in July 'The Hairy Issue' the debut zine project of art collective Dupe was released. Beautifully printed and curated, it mixes writing, photography and illustration on the theme of 'Hair' with humour and poignancy. Personal highlights include the photography of Jorge Antony Stride (who I used to work with at a bowling alley) and 'A Ginger Childhood' by Benedict Le Gauche (who also has red hair).

Dupe have now rolled this out to become a multi-media platform, including an online TV channel, interviewing voices from across the creative spectrum in a way that is as fun as it is evocative.

Please visit their blog for more information and to buy The Hairy Issue.