Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Issue #1-Submissions

Ponytail is a zine of short stories.
If you have a tale that is fact or fiction, sad, funny or embarrassing, I want to hear it!
The zine is to be printed A5 and as often as I can. Each issue will be loosely based around a theme.
It will eventually be available to buy online and at zine-y events. Any contributors of course get credit (if wanted) and a free copy (if wanted!), and I'm happy to link up to anyone's blogs.
This is going to be fun!

So, Issue #1's loose theme is going to be 'First times'. Whether it's your first time at S-E-X or the first time you went hang-gliding, or the first time you did both simultaneously.
And as I'm not sure how much thickness my long-armed stapler can take anything up to 1,500 words will be great!
I'll be accepting submissions up until 21st August so please email me at:

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