Monday, 9 August 2010

The Sky is Falling: The First Time I Got Hit By A Meteorite

To get your juices flowing in the run-up to the deadline on 21st August, I thought I'd share a strange first time of mine from Friday night...
As odd as it may sound, (it sounds really odd) I am 98% sure that I was hit on the leg by a piece of meteorite/ space matter/ a lump of coal from a collier's airplane (I don't think these exist- do these exist???).
I was sitting on the street with some friends, drinking beer when THWACK something hit my thigh really hard and fast.
It really hurt, I'm generally quite a pussy and say "It really hurt" about a lot of things; paper cuts/ feelings/ a butterfly flying at my face but this definitely really hurt and it definitely went THWACK.
Everyone said "What The..." like everyone does These Days and I said "Ow", "It really hurt", and the last part of "What The..." which is "FUCK".
By my foot lay what seemed to be a piece of coal, it was stone cold and as light as a piece of coal, which isn't very heavy at all.
So, why then do I believe that this is the intergalactic equivalent of a pigeon shitting on you and not the work of an 'Evil Sadist Barbecue Enthusiast' who haunts the rooftops of Shoreditch, throwing coal at girls?
A) An
'Evil Sadist Barbecue Enthusiast' is a ridiculous notion (Spiderman vs. Dr Chop?? No.)
B) The matter fell from straight above not from any angle, and it went THWACK (see above) despite it's insubstantial weight like it had fallen from a great height. Plus there were no tall buildings nearby.
C) It was cold like it had been in Space.
This ultimately led me to believe it's part of a meteor. Answers and theories on a postcard, unless you're
Evil Sadist Barbecue Enthusiast, in which case I say "Fuck You".

Exhibit Aiiii!
"It really did hurt- I'm not a pussy"

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