Sunday, 18 December 2011

Meet the cover star: Jean-Pol

Ponytail Issue #3 is almost ready for a fully fledged flurry of excellence right in your eyes and ears. Comin'atcha January 2012.
It's the best issue yet in my opinion.
In the mean while here's a 'teaser' for you- a photo of our cover star Jean-Paul. My mum kissed Jean-Paul on a school trip to Belgium in 1972, from which she returned with 3 stale baguettes and this passport photo. On the back of the photo she has written Jean-Pol. Belgium 1972. She has always been very organised like that.
Jean-Pol came on something of a lover's pilgrimage to Croydon of all places, and declared his love to young Sharon in the doorway of my grandparents' house (he was inexplicably never invited in) and returned dejected and dare we say a little wiser to Belgium.
He is occasionally referred to as "the one who turned up on the doorstep who was the spit of Sacha Distel" by my Nana over a sherry or two.

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