Wednesday, 8 September 2010

5 Good Things To Look At

Thanks so much to everyone who has bought a copy of issue #1 so far.
The critics are raving:
"such a clever bubbeleh! It should be in WHSmiths" My Nana

One day Nana, one day.

Anyway, while I'm here cutting zines as fast as [insert a witty reference to someone who can cut something really fast here], here are 5 Good Things you should check out:

Emily Reo

1. Emily Reo of Florida very kindly donated a song to the Ponytail Mix CD. I met her this summer and we drank beer on the street and talked about Star Wars, oh and she was there when THIS happened. Her music is a feast of hazy synths, crashing drum machines and melancholic vocals- casiotones for the painfully AWESOME. Check it out on her myspace
I also found this quote on Google "Her name is Reo...and she dances on the sand". Totally wish I'd thought of that.

Philip Seymour Hoffman

2.It's Philip Seymour Hoffman, but not as you know him (although maybe they ARE the same person- "he looks so different off screen"). I met Philip Seymour Hoffman at exactly the same time that I met Emily and he too kindly donated a song to the Ponytail Mix #1. His music is right up my street- experimental pop musicians who occasionally wear masks? Yes please!
Instead of trying to write an eloquent review- here's a list of words I wrote whilst listening to PSH's music:
As you can see the main idea is "good". If anyone who puts gigs on in the UK is reading this, for example...I don't know... Upset The Rhythm (hopefully they google themselves) you should contact them on myspaces- the UK needs Emily Reo and Philip Seymour Hoffman in their ears and on their stages!

3. Ever one to support a cottage (or East London equivalent- converted warehouse maybe?) industry, the 3rd of my "Good Things To Look At" are my friend Suze's limited edition, screen-printed, pretty fucking swish t-shirts starring Shabba Ranks. Even with my limited knowledge of Dancehall, I know that these t-shirts are boss. Check them (and some exquisite colour descriptions) out at her blog- Shimmy Shimmy.

4. Fever Zine is like the jedi master of the zine world. Both interesting and aesthetically pleasing (but enough about me...arf arf) this UK-based zine covers art, music and DIY culture amongst other things and I've been a fan for aggggesssss. Plus they've totally been helping Ponytail out with shout-outs and understanding technologies:
Thanks guys!

5. I've been obsessed with Freaks and Geeks since I watched all of them in a row and ate crisps with my friend Emmylou 3 years ago. Having been exactly half a freak (going twosies on joints behind the bike shed) and half a geek (founder of History club 2000-2003), this programme "spoke to me". Plus teen awkardness is the bread and butter of my cultural diet right now. All the episodes are available on youtube if you haven't seen it already (what do you live under a rock?) or want to just watch them again.
As you can see from the opening credits below, it is a) amazing and b) stars lots of people who went on to be more famous in less funny things:

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